Pressure Guage Instructions


I put together a guage, now how do I go about testing? What readings do I need? Different gears? RPMs?

P.S. A tranny book that I looked at called for a guage up to 300 PSI, someone had mentioned to get a 500 PSI. The 300 is what I was able to get, is that sufficient?
Put the car on jack stands, and get someone to help you, this is a two man operation.

Connect the guage to the port on the drivers side of the case. Disconnect the TV cable from the throttle body. Pulling the cable all the way out of the housing until it stops moving is max TV, and releasing it completely is minimum TV. Start the car, and let it reach normal temperature. You will take all readings at 1200 to 1500 RPM, and the same RPM for ALL readings.

Place the shifter in reverse, and your foot on the brake, rev the engine to the specified RPM. Record the pressure readings for both max and min TV.

Repeat the above procedure for all four foward gears, allowing the transmission to cool for a couple minutes between tests.

The result should be a minimum and maximum (2 readings, for each gear) TV line pressure reading for each of the five gears selected. Post your results.
If you would like...... email mark at and he will fax or email you an outline to go by and you just fill in the boxes with where it asks you to do. This is the same form we use and test by. Hell, its free and a good guideline. Then I know exactly what is going on and when.