priming the motor????


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Feb 11, 2005
This is my first distributorless ign. engine build. how do i prime the motor after a rebuild??? usually u take the ditrib out now what???? thanbks inadvance...Jeff
prime tool

I used a small block chevrolet prime tool and an electric drill. I am pretty sure it turns clock wise. First you will get oil to come out of the turbo feed and then you should see it start flowing over the rocker arms.
I just rented a SBC prime tool from Autozone....and had to do a little grinding on the end to make it fit, but it will work!

just be sure that someone didn't use a mechanical oil pressure gauge and forgot to plug a hole in the back of the block, as 7 quarts of oil end up all over your dad's garage floor....not that it happened to me or anything :mad: