prm gauge, oil press gauge hook up


10's here i come
Ok guy i have a auto meter rpm gauge and oil press . were do i hook the rpm gauge up at i think its a wire on the module some were. And the oil press gauge can i hook it to the T fitting were the oil sensor go's or will that kill the car.

There's a single wire with a green connector coming out of the harness under the coilpack/module. That's the tach lead.
And you can T in anywhere with the oil gauge.

And, a word of advice from a guy who started an engine fire when the plastic oil-feed line split-don't use plastic oil-feed line!
Don't use an electric oil pressure guage...I just had my sending unit spring a leak about 2 miles from the house...coated my engine with oil :mad: :mad: :mad: and lost a little over a quart by the time I got home...

Get a good mechanical guage and buy the braided pressure line for it...It screws into the guage and the block(not a compression fitting) or wherever you hook it up at...