Problem putting car in Drive


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When I put the car into drive it makes a loud "clunk" It only happens going into drive. Neutral and Reverse are fine. It doesn't matter if the car is hot or cold and it happens about 99% of the time. Other than that it works great, firm shifts etc. Any ideas what the problem may be or what to look for? Thanks.
Ck ujoints, rear end clearence and driveshaft in general. If you can rule that out, it is either the driveshell to direct drum has a groove worn in it and direct drum is getting a run at it when changing directions, or the driveshell itself could be wearing. The driveshell just wearing is odd from 83 on up , as they then came with hardened ones from factory after GM realized it. Those could be the causes of your "clank", now.............which one? She is waiting............:)
Thanks Bruce. I can pretty much rule out the rear end and driveshaft as both have been replaced. I know it doesn't mean that's not the problem...... Are there any other ways besides the "clunk" to pinpoint the problem? Thanks again for the help Bruce.


My own car has this same clunk for the last 100,000 miles. As long as it doesnt change and is only when dropping into gear, I would leave alone and drive. Hell,most do that same thing. No sweat, go have some fun....:)
Thanks again Bruce. I figured as much since it hasn't gotten better/worse and it's not affecting performance. I just call it the "Buick shift" :D