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I have a problem with the car stalling. It only does it after cruising on the highway for awhile. Ill be driving fine in the highway, Ill come off the exit ramp to a stop and it will idle fine. I go to take off, and the car will stall. Has happened 4 times already. Pretty scary actually. Ill bring the car to a stop, put it park, start it, and it will run fine the rest of the time. Like I said it only happens after driving on the highway for awhile. I have done a full tune up, fixed some vacuum issues, changed fuel filter, hot wired fuel pump. Had the coil pack checked, that passed. Im at a loss. This stinks. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.
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Does it stall if you put it in neutral just before you stop? If that fixes it, it might be the TCC solenoid/TCC pedal switch.

Take a look at the TPS setting, and maybe the EGR valve is stuck slightly open.
If it isn't the TCC being messed up then I would look at the O2's on the scanmaster when it happens/while it is happening.

Or a wideband sensor display if you have one. :cool:

If the display is 000 or something like 030 etc. for a few frames of data you would be lean when it's happening if its in the 800's you would be rich.

Checking your just off idle response ie. light throttle off a stop sign while driving the car, not in the driveway, might also show a lean or rich condition even if it's not stalling on the scanmaster.

Worth a look, and if you don't have one or direct scan or turbolink diagnostic tools it's time to get one of the three. :)
One more thing I forgot. If I drop the car down to dive instead of overdrive, the car will not stall out. Thanks in advance.