problem with thrasher 92 chip


May 25, 2001
I put a new thrasher 92 street chip in my car a few days ago and my car does not run properly with it in. I have a stck turbo, ic, and injectors, and my car runs in the high/mid 12's. I installed the chip, set fuel pressure at 45 line off, and set boost for about 17-18 pounds. I have 100 unleaded octane fuel in there too. I also have all the basic stuff, like high flow pump, adjustable wastegate, adjustable fuel regulator, cold air induction, exhaust, etc.... I disconected that orange wire to reset the computer, and fired up my car. it idled fine, but when I got intosome boost, my car did not move at all. up to bout 3-5 pounds, the car runs fine, but when I go about 1/2 throttle to full throttle, the boost raises very fast and my boost gauge bounces around 21 then it dropps back down to like 14 then bounces bac up again. But, the thing is, is that my car doesnot have ANY power, it sort of sems like I am just flooring it in neutral, even with high boost showing on my boost gauge, my cr does not make ANY power. I checked all my hoses and everything and tightened then all, thinking that my boost was escaping, but that didnot help. I did no get any knock with my scanmaster. I hope somene could give me some advice on what to do next. thanks alot. adam isadore
Hey how's it going.....I see you go to that where you usually go? I usually make there a couple of times a year....really not all that far away......anyway my setup on my car is basically like yours but I never had the problem....but you may want to try and back off the wastegate rod a turn or two and see what happens.....I started around 16 psi and had 0 kr I went to 17psi and had maybe 1 kr on then I up'd the fuel pressure. I finally found a reasonable point at just under 18psi @49lb. of fuel pressure w/ vacuum off. Seems to be just right.....I could probably go up to 19-20 psi but that's all I'll go on the stock turbo.....good luck....