9 sec street car
May 25, 2005
was driving my car yesterday and car started to run sluggish but no engine light . i already changed maf sensor but no luck .
Not to point out the obvious, but when did you last do a tuneup (fuel filter, plugs & wires)? What is your fuel pressure? Boost? Any chance of having a bad tank of gas? Scanmaster readings?
i changed the plugs ,wires,oil,but not the fuel filter.when last driving the boost was not building like it should and i think the fuel pressure was at 34 .
could it also be o2 sensor?no scanmaster maybe thats my next purchase
Is that your fuel pressure at idle with the vacuum line removed from the regulator? 34 sounds a bit low if it is. The stock fuel pressure regulator is rated at 37 psi and most of us with adjustable regulators run 43 psi. A clogged fuel filter could be suspect for making your pressure run low like that. I believe a bad O2 sensor would set a code; either way a Scanmaster would be a great help with diagnosing something like that.

Also, check your wastegate actuator and make sure it's still connected to the puck. Depending on what kind of clip you or a previous owner used to hold it on, it may have come off and if the puck is swinging freely that would keep you from building boost. Check all the intercooler hoses too to make sure none of them have holes or have blown off. Does it still sound like the turbo is spooling normally?
If you can, you might want to see if your fp rises appropriately with boost. I duct tape my gauge to the windshield to watch it when troubleshooting. ;) 34 does sound really low if you are taking that measurement with the vac line off. Also, good advice above on checking IC hoses. That happened to me once. :)
thanks for the tips i have a hood mounted fuel gage that reads 34 normal and 42 wot but i'll check the hoses and actuator