Procedure(Removing coolant from radiator)


May 25, 2001
Do this radiators have a drain plug, if so, where is it located? if not, what is the procedure to remove the coolant front radiator?


they do have a petcock, but i just remove the lower radiator hose carefully, it's alot faster.

just make sure you have a catch pan underneath
just did mine a while ago, poke your head under the rad pass side, you will see a petcock, crack it open with the rad cap off and let er drain
I know this is an older topic, but I'm about to drain my coolant, run some of that radiator de-scaler through, then "rinse" with water. Is there a best way to get ALL the coolant out? I drained the radiator when I installed my water temp gauge, but I didn't get all of it out. Would parking the car on an incline (nose down) allow me to remove all of it? I a run pretty antifreeze intensive mix, so I don't want much leftover coolant before I fill it up with water, if at all possible. Thanks.
There are block drains that are pretty easily accessible from under the car. Drivers side anyhow. That would get most all of it out.

Hmmm, any hints as to where to find it? What it looks like? I am gonna go take a more intensive look, but I figured I'd post, so when I come back inside, frustrated, maybe an answer will be here :D Thanks a lot! I only got about 7 quarts out of the radiator, so I know there's more to go!
THis isn't it, is it?? In the picture labled "RIGHT" ?? Seems too high up on the block. I will go look.