Progress: Custom gauge setup keeping the stock style speedo...


The Artist FKA Scott4DMny
May 27, 2001
Just thought I'd share some of my custom interior gauge setup with you guys. I wanted to get rid of the useless digital tach/boost gauge in the dash as it was nothing more of a useless eyesore. And I didn't want to build a gnx style dash setup where I had to hack things up or get rid of dummy lights. Drilling for me is ok, since it will be covered with a bolt.;)

I sourced a Regal speedo cluster that has the Fuel gauge and speedometer as the only common point. The bottom half of the cluster has the P R N D 2 1 in the center and says "REGAL BUICK MOTOR DIVISION" which is fine with me because we all know that these ARE Regals with GN packages.:cool: I went with autometer sport comp gauges and wanted the speedo/fuel gauge needles to match the sport comps. I dropped Autometer a call and they gave me the number to Redline Gauge Works. I guess they have done custom work for Jay Leno and a few other popular car guys. They spray the needles to match the sport comps. I sent in my speedo and fuel gauge cluster and I recently got them back and must say they look beautiful and match the gauges perfectly. Now to get rid of the ugly P R N D 2 1 on the center of the unit. Since I had them painted to match the autometer sport comps, I figured why not use an autometer sticker to cover the gear indicator up. The sticker covered it perfectly and its not too large either. Plus they get a little advertising.:cool: Before and after pictures found below.

Now, with the tachometer, I simply test fitted it and bought a correct size socket head screw, washers, and nylon lock not. I used a spare dash surround that I can drill holes through to test fit. You can see in the pic where I mounted it. I also test fitted, so that the nut on the inside did not interfere with any of the mounting or panels. Gauge is mounted slightly towards the driver. For those interested, this is the 2 5/8 autometer mini tach.

Lastly, I purchased one of the black anodized aluminimum dual gauge panels from summit, and is actually made by autometer. It took me a few tries with my spare dash surround to get the placement perfect so that when installed, the gauges sit right above the radio surround and give me room to run wires. You will see where I had to drill a larger hole to get access to install the socket head cap screws/washers/lock nuts, but they are clean out of the way and everything installs perfectly. (theres a ledge of plastic in the mold you have to drill through) I used the two center holes from the gauge panel and everything fits perfectly.

Let me know what you guys think. This will prevent me from having to put gauges above the glove box, as well as in the floor shift console area. Two more gauges will be in the pillar.(Knock & Trans Temp). Here are the pics. There will be more pics to follow as the build goes on and everything is installed.