Proposed Track On Longisland Ny


Hey everyone i dont know if any of the NY guys and girls have heard but there is a proposed track for some land Suffolk co. is selling in Yaphank . Go to and sign the petition if you feel its time we have a track for the LongIsland NYC area that dosnt require a LOOOOOOOOOOONG drive to somewhere else . And it would be nice to have a First class track Like Vegas has and be able to have some cool events HERE in NY instead of reading about it going on somewhere else ............The only problem is Our elected officals are considering other ideas , like another strip mall shopping , and or housing ......One public meeting has already gone down with about 500 racers attending the next is Tonight Nov 21 @ Suffolk comm college - Selden in the Shea theatre 7pm. The next is Nov 30th Bellport H.S 7 PM 205 Beaver damn road Brookhaven . Please pass the word around and if you live out side of NY please keep this post up for us NewYorkers who want a track to enjoy .
Good luck on that actually happening. Would think land would be too valuable out there for something that can't be used year round.

We get the same thing here in CT once in a while. Rumors of a track being built but nothing ever happens.
Ill be at suffolk tonight. pm me if you wanna meet up.. I know a few other TR guys who are going along with tons of other friends.....