PST 3.5" Alum Driveshaft w/1350's for 2004r/27 spline yoke

turbo nasty

Turbo Dojo / MNTR
Has about 1000 miles on it and its in Exc Condition! It is 50" center u joint cup to u joint cup so you will need to measure your setup...stock setup is a lil short. I paid over 550 for it and will sell for 400 plus shipping. Im going a different route. Located in ST Paul, MN. PAY Pal Gift Pics to follow
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What rear end did you run with this? I'm gonna be running a Currie 12-bolt and will need to be getting a custom driveshaft soon.
turbo nasty, let me try to measure what length I will need. I have a built currie 12 bolt so I need to see if this will work with my setup Not to mention I may actually be in St. Paul in October. I'll try to keep in touch.