9 second wannabee
Thinking of going to a pt70gtq from a gt6776scover. would i loose anything on the street? Love my 6776, just looking to upgrade. Not planning on changing anything else on my sig.
Not really a street turbo, but then again, the 67 isn't too much smaller. Its a on or off turbo. At part throttle you'll get compressor surge. So, its either like driving a NA 3.8 or pointing the car in the direction you hope to go, hit the go peddle and hold on. My brother's TSM car (70gtq) isn't really safe for the street anymore! We raced a tubbed nova (18" wide tires) with a 6-71 blower on a 4 lane highway (deserted) and the TSM car burnt the slicks the entire 1/4 mile. It pulled hard the entire time, but it hazed them the whole way.
You will be really close on the stall speed in your converter.
With the stroker, you may pull it off.