PTC converter ID


Sep 7, 2021
Filled out a contact form with PTC, but figure it's worth an ask nonetheless, in case it takes them a while to get back, or they don't have the information.

I've had a turbo 400 with a rmvb and a trans brake for some time now. Longer than I've owned my TR for. One of those buys I couldn't pass up, and it's sat patiently waiting for something to put it to use.

Anyway, it came with a PTC converter, that while I've kept with it, I haven't bothered to look much into. I hunted down all the numbers on it tonight, and I found PTC-9TH00-SL. There is a '27427' located separately, which I assume to be a serial number of sorts, perhaps. I'm guessing at 9=9", TH=turbo spline, and SL=spragless? Even if those guesses are correct, there are other questions such as what stator, how it should behave(where it couples best, how tight/loose down low), etc. Might put the 400 in the car for the race season over winter, as I have a 9" and a driveshaft from my other former th400/9" g body setup to go in the car. Curious if this converter has a 'snowball's chance', or if it's a get rid of and buy new situation.