PTE TA49 Turbo + Terry Houston 3.5 Down Pipe DP + 3" Chrome Maf Pipe

I use nothing but menzerna products I feel nothing compares.My buddy owns a body shop and that’s all he will use excellent product everything they make.
f11 is a gimmick ...just sayin .... best polish and sealants are the wolf gang brand or jescar....formly menzerna ....jescar power lock plus is second to none ... slicker than high end carnauba ...ive tried em all... 5 step clean and polish... if you think a spray on wipe off product is working with no cure time your fooling yourself.... I do like to put the carnauba on the hood though...LOL....View attachment 356423
I just use the F11 for the fillers as its a quick way to brighten them up for a show. It does not last long, good for a day or two. They really should be repainted but not sure if I should do than on an X. I never heard of those polishes but perhaps they would work on the fillers. I wax the rest of the car with Collinite #915. Out of all the stuff Ive tried over the years its always been the longest lasting as far as still beeding water after many washes.
yep mezerna was bought out by jescar ....high end stuff most have never heard of ...ive used the collinite too...great product ...but nothing compares to the jescar power lock ...try it you will be amazed... follow directions...and it last for 6 months or more geek is a great site ...with tons of comments and testimonials ... fillers are not the same as the body paint fillers are not that great definitely the weak point on the appearance on mine...but they are plastic and not the same as the body paint... but I'm sure the f11 shines em up ...get you some of that 1000 dollar carnauba wax LOL...not ...maybe for the Ferrari LOL...cheers fellas....
@grass doctor , thanks lol. yeah I bought this definitely to drive it more than once a month I did not buy this for investment, not sure if I mentioned it but in my twenties I had a Grand national could only dream of a GNX so as kids we never really thought much about it. Now that is has become a reality the last thing I wanted to do is just sit in my garage if you know what I mean.

speaking of these number vehicles I also have number 110 of 200 made of the Porsche 911 exclusive cabriolet version, this is another one that is just sitting in my garage I drive it maybe once a month just feel it's a waste.

But regardless, there's something about the 1987 Grand national especially GNX that brings you back to childhood were all I can do is pretty much look at it in the garage start it up and just smile it's a great feeling. Can't wait for Saturday :).

The best news out of all of this great knowledge that was provided, is that you are planning on driver this beauty and enjoying it.
I myself was a young 33 years old man when I purchase my car 33 years ago this coming Sept. Congrats on your purchases. :cool: