pushrod/ gasket thickness question


well like a dummy i used a set of pushrods without knowing the length(assuming stock 87) with felpro 1000 gaskets on a 85 turbo riv hot air block

so guess i have a couple questions , the deck hieght's are diff from 85-(86-87 )
i was thinking use stock 87 gaskets??

but not sure how the diff year stock gaskets will effect anything on the 85 block

i currently have 1000's and am chasing a water leak, not sure if it was my torque value or the sealer i used

so should i try another set of 1000's ??can i use the 1026's ?cause i have a set sitting here, will the bigger bore size hurt me on a std 3.8L?

should i use 85 stockers, or 87 stockers??

and how much if any damage do you think i caused by using a set of stock 87 pushrods on the 85 block with the felpro 1000's?

thanks for any help and opinions on this

Chris Pacheco
Very important to check the preload. You need to find out exactly what you had and what you need with a pushrod length checker like the one from Comp Cams. It is basically just an adjustable pushrod. If you had .060"-.080" you may be ok. Anything more and the lifters may be damaged and anything less and you are sure to be ok.
i'd put 85 steel shims back on it and forget about it ..i think since im out of turbo's right now im going to pull mine down and do a lil more head work and i think im going back with a single steel shim since the stock ones for 86-87 are not cheap and i couldnt kill the steels in my hotair.