Putting in new trans after failure?


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May 24, 2001
Ok, I have not been able to get a definative answer on this from local people, so I figured I would ask here.

My trans is sorta shot. It has 4 th sometimes, and reverse is slipping really bad. The fluid isnt too bad, and I have changed it and the filter just to keep it on the road as long as I can.

I am getting a new trans (on exchange) and will be putting it in soon. Can I reuse my converter? I have had some people tell me yes, others no. Some say I can drain this one out by drilling a hole, and MIG welding it back. It looks like it may have had this done before. because it has a raised bump on the edge that looks like a weld spot. It is a 2800 stall from Postons, which I bought new from them about a year ago.
Also, when I am putting in the new trans, what else do I need to do to prepare the support systems for it to make sure it isnt going to get cross-contaminated?
There are some useful pointers here.

If you don't have any metalic debris in the bottom of your pan when you pull your current transmission, you may be alright in flushing the existing converter.

As far as flushing your cooler goes, look for a supplier of Life Automotive Products.
I would not reuse converter without at least a freshen.
As for contamination... Yes coolers need to be flushed if not replaced and lines should be cleaned and clear.