Question about dodge dakota


cant beat the boost!
i am currently looking into a 1989 dodge dakota that is for sale locally and it has 150,000 miles on it...
i know this is quite a bit and was just wondering if anyone had any experience with these trucks as to how long they last and basically if they are decent trucks..

so if someone could offer any insight into it, it would be appreciated...
it is about 1000$ and looks fairly decent but leaks a lil oil.. i just wanted to check around before commiting to purchase the truck!
thanks for any help
It all depends on what motor is in it. Ive worked on a few 3.9's and they got timing chain problems. Even the new ones are like that. Other than that solid trucks. The 318 ci motor is a all around good motor in those trucks, nothing major happens if you take care of it, except intake gaskets :rolleyes:
You'll never lose money on a $1000 truck that runs and looks decent. The oil leak sounds like a front cover seal on a 5.2 . Very common. If it is that, fix it right away.