Question about shift point?

First make sure the TV cable is properly adjusted if you are having a problem. They are changed by altering the governor inside the trans.
Mine is shifting at a higher rpm than I like, When you say TV cable are you refering to the kick down cable?
The GN trans doesn't have a "kick down cable", that's used on TH350 and TH400 trans, not on the 200-R4. The OD transmissions use a TV cable instead, different function, even if it does look similar. The TV cable serves as a replacement for the vacuum modulator that the other transmissions use, so the adjustment is more critical. Having it adjusted wrong can shorten the life of the transmission, as well adversely affecting shifts.
If it is shifting late try this. Mark the cable where it is now and press the tab on the side and move the cable up a notch or two and see what happens. Another guy told me to go to this link and it was very much worth the visit! If any of you are newcomer's like myself, (THIS LINK IS A MUST) If your having thought's about your transmission's shifting habit's. This site will explain what to do to set your transmission where it's supposed to be set. I didn't realise how critical it is to make sure the TV cable is set correctly until I went to this site. Please visit it and save your tranny.

Thank's Dean
Wow, that was done very nicely with great pics and good color illustrations. I wish there were more sites that were that detailed for us Turbo guys. Now if I only understood more of it!

Beautifully done with motion and graphics!!! Somebody spent a LOT of time and effort on that one!!
Something of this caliber should be sticky, right up there w/ Bruces "Strengthing of the 200"