question about stall


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this is just a general knowledge question. i know you can have too little stall for a particular turbo, (and i understand why) but can you have to much? in other words what would be the problem if any of say running a 3600 stall with a stock turbo for a mostly street diven vehicle? just curious
I hope the experts chime in... Based on research, the theory is that for maximum acceleration the converter stall speed should match the peak torque rpm of the engine. If your stall is too high you're not taking full advantage of the engine's powerband. Sure the little stock turbo will spool up, but I'd think you would run out of breath too soon. Probably make it less fun on the street, too.

That's my layman's opinion. Others will surely spank me if I'm out of line... :)
If your converter truly stalls at 3400 I would not change it. I just re-stalled my 3000/3200 to 3800/4000 and it killed ET and MPH. Way too much converter! Never came off the rev limiter as in no drop in RPM's between gears under full throttle. Going to pull it and re-stall around 3400/3500. The more HP you have the harder it will push through the converter, which is what just happened to me.
thanks for the replies. everything you guys said makes sense. im very happy with the converter in the car now in terms of performance. the boost almost doesnt even build, it hits fast. my only complaint which ive read others have experienced is when it locks up, IT LOCKS UP! ive been kicking around the idea of yanking this one out and trying someone elses converter. this is a purely street driven car that will never see slicks even if i were to take it to the track.