Question about Translator +


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May 29, 2002
I just received my translator plus and I am hooking it up to an AC Delco 3" MAF. I dont know where to connect the White and Black wires for the timing part of the Translator. Any help would be appreciated

There should be instructions that come with the T+. I just installed mine a few months ago and i beleive that the white and black wires tap into the iggition. But there is a SPECIFIC way t o splice those wires and connect them. U MUST read the instructions or else if u install the wires wrong, car wont start.


I suggest that you splice into the White B4 wire that exits the ECM. I have always been a proponent for keeping as much wiring in the cabin as possible. Hope this helps.


Thanks for all the info guys, I ordered the plug 'n play harness from Full Throttle Speed. I think that will make life a lot easier.
Thanks for all the feed back though.

Well it sounds like I'm too late in that you've already ordered the plug and play harness. I couldn't justify spending the $80 to prevent cutting ONE wire. If I remember correctly, it's the white wire (EST wire) in the ignition module harness...the white wire closest to the fire wall. I admit it's tough to get in there to cut the wire and properly and securely splice in the T+ wires, but definately worth not spending $80. Anyway, your choice. Good luck. The T+ with the LT1 MAF is a good is the Extender chip if you got that too.