Question for RAZOR.


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Nov 22, 2003
hi razor

razor , i'm having an issue with the power distribution block
( the one that's strapped over the steering column) i had freddy test it and it has power going in but not coming out, is there a fuse in or behind that box?
I see that the new ones don't even bring that box anymore? if it does not have a fuse could i make a bridge in order to bring power to the control box ( the box were you set the alcohol level) if i do that will i damage anything? i have not done anything yet, i'd rather ask you first before i make a bad move. thanks Razor
I also replied to your PM.

There is a fuse inside of it. AGC 15a glass. You'll see a black knob on its side that says "fuse", simply untwist it CCW and it comes out.

The fuse simply goes between IGN and the "+" on the distribution box.