Question on mods/future mods


The scaffolding man!
Dec 19, 2003
Hey guys and most of you can tell I am VERY new to the Tr scene. I have been reading as much as I can about these cars but Id like to ask a question or two. With the mods listed in my fast do you think it will be? I am running on a 26x10 MT Sportsman tire.

Also what kind of mods would you suggest in the near future? I will be purchasing a scan master for sure in the next few weeks. Its too nasty out to drive it so im not in a big hurry. The previous owner didnt know jack about the car so im still investigating mods/whats been done to the car. Once it warms up alittle in chicago ill drop the tank and inspect for a fuel pump.

I appreciate your time and advice as well. I am looking to the get this car into the low 11's tops as a semi-daily driven street car. so if you can please point me in the right direction from where I am now that would be wonderful! Thank you so much,

Low 11's may be tough with 36# injectors.
Certainly get a bigger turbo. Since many of us have had to buy more than once, I say go with a big turbo, like a 70, it will take less boost and stress to run the same times as with a smaller turbo.

Basically a big turbo, injectors, intercooler, and fuel pump.

The support stuff is good exhaust (3" DP, and no cat) adjustible regulator, and scan tool - this is a must.

Make sure it is all working right by doing the "spring cleaning" and checking the system with the scan tool.

Have fun!