Questions about modifying a 83 T-type



I have a friend at work that has a 83 T-type,And he would like to know what can be done to it to make it faster.Since it has a carb,Can the stock one be swapped out for something bigger,Andwhat other things can be done to make it faster?I was also wondering if you can put a intercooler on these cars,And is there anyway to adjust the boost on the turbo?I've always admired the TR's from a distance,And i'm still trying to learn more about them,Thanks for the help. :)
Hope you don't mind me joining in on this question. I was about to post the same questions myself. I have a 83 also. Come on guys help us rookies out here. :)
Sorry Guys missed this one when I got home. Read B4Blacks web site, he has some GREAT info on mods. Also check out FC227's web site, he got the best recipe.
CD secoundaries rods and a K hanger, Adjustable wastegate, open up the exhuast, than slowly turn up the boost.
But first chack all your vac lines for cracking and replace, good tune up, K&N fliter. That's the basics.
Thanks, I found most of the info I needed to get started. I've already bought a tach and boost gauge. Next will be the oil pressure gauge and K&N filter. I still have a ways to go to get the car running great before modding it. I have a Iroc that usually takes all my money. :)