Questions on 85 Turbo's!


Someone help me?
May 27, 2001
Well my 85 is in the shop after being rear ended, only had it 2 days, and well I remebered somethings I saw and have questions on. First is, did the 85 Turbo's come with any sort of heater protection because mine had burnt a hole in the insulator under the hood(the hting that says "Turbo charged") when I bought it. If it didn't, what Can I buy to cover it. I saw turbo rap but I was wondering if there was anything better. The second question is what type of turbo came in the 85's? Thanks
No, there was never any sort of heat protection on 84/85 cars. Just by new insulation for under the hood from GM. The factory Turbo was a Garret M10 I think. Hope that helps. Oh yea, I dont think anyone makes a heat shield for the turbo.
my 85 has a plate for heat protection on the hood..

there is a peice that screws under the back of the hood behind the turbo area kinda strait across from the hood light and it wraps up and comes forward probly about 4-5 inches that is used to hold the plate in the plate is nothing specail just some stiff sheetmetal and its wrapped with cloth like header wrap.

look back there and see if there is any holes for screws i think mine came factory but i can check with the guy i bought it from to see if he added it but i dont think he did..
All that these cars had for heat protection from the turbo was on the hood liner. Its a small rectangle made of some kind of paper tyrpe product that was about one inch thick. It was right over the turbo. It has no screws on it oranything like that. Its made into the hood liner.
I concur, there is a metal heat shield, as REDS says! However, in my case, it became pretty much useless when I had to remove the mesh and insulation from my up-pipe to fix a hole in it...that insulation worked, because it wasn't soon after that my hood liner started to melt. (I think the shield covers only the turbo, it doesn't extend far enough to cover the pipes)
Hea shield

From the factory, there is a shield behind the turbo to protect the heater hoses, A sheet metal shield (as Red said) that bolts to the rear of hood (in the curve) . This shield is to hold the insulator up off the turbo. Also some kind of heat resisting material on the mat.
Granted this is an attempt to control the heat. After 2 year (with all the insulating in place) my hood paint right over the turbo, was checked. If I ever get my car repainted, I will make some kind of insulator for the turbo.
The four 84 GNs in my area all have the small shield on the hood, the shield for the heater hoses, and the shield for the plug wires by the headers. Does your up pipe and down pipe stil have the steel braiding?
Well thanks for all the info, my GN is in the shop so I can't go look at it :( . I am probably going to by turbo rap which is supposed to keep it from burning everything up. I was going to buy a new hood insultator (the thing that says Turbo Charged when you look under the hood?) from since I can't find the stock one anywhere that would says turbocharged. Thanks for the help.
Got my hood insulator that said turbo and had the emblem along with the paper shield the other guys were talking about from the gm dealer...218.oo dollars...ouch. But with about a year on it and living in texas with a year old paint job. paint job still ok??? how long...who knows....???
does anyone know where i would be able to find the shield for the heater hoses, after my rebuild, it came up missing:mad:
Heat shields etc.

Thanks for the info guys. My '85 has the rectangular patch on the hood insulator pad and the sheet metal heat shield attached to the underside of the hood extending over the turbo area also. BUT I didn't realize there should be a heat shield in the heater hose area.
Can anyone post a picture of it or point me in the direction of where I could find one? I would like to put one in place as I have noticed that there is heat deformation on one the of plastic Tee's in that area.
No parking signs work great for a heat shield. Mine has been on for a few years now.