questions on gnx fender flairs install


i want to know what did most do when installing their gnx
fender flairs,did you cut the lip like the original which i really dont want to do,any close up pictures of the wheel
tire clearance,i will be rolling the lips,i had some flairs for
my old project but i got rid of them,i saw some on a web site that said they were extended so they can attach to the
lip were the factory wheel trim bolts to.was going to drop
off car to paint.but i think i want the gnx flairs now.

Most Of The Aftermarket Fiberglass Flairs Do Not Require Cutting The Wheel Openings Or Fenders. They Actually Screw Into The W-opening As Do The Wheel Opening Mlds. I Pre-fit Each One Of My Flairs,cut Some Materal From The Bottoms.block Sanding Them,even Inside There The Mate To The Fender Or Quarter. I Spent Approx 2-3 Hrs Per Flair To Get The Fit And Finish I Wanted..