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Oct 2, 2001
how come when something is wrong with the way a tranny shifts, it only occurs mostly when it gets hot?...how come it just doesn't do it all of the time?

right now mine is getting crappier and crappier, i adjusted the t.v. cable out ( i think ) to get it to shift sooner and now it's a real slushbox, sounds like it's bouncing back and forth between gears sometimes...it's crazy, but hopefully the one that i go and pick up next week will be fine until i get this one that's in the car built...
Mostly because as things get hot they expand, increasing clearances and the fluid thins out as well. Line pressure may suffer along with various internal circuit leaks that can wreak havoc on proper function.
can a tranny slipping into gear cause knock...i'm experiencing 7 deg. sometimes when i get on it after first gear....but, i think i accidentally pumped some 87 in there from mobil not paying attention, i was talking to a girl that pulled up at the pump....i'm trying to burn all of the gas out so i can put some more sunoco 94 in it...
If it flares then it is more than likely clutches slipping due to a pressure loss somewhere in the tranny. I've seen instances where the plungers in the valve body stick after a new rebuild. Do not wait till its broken to fix it. Have it looked at before you damage any hard parts. If $$$ does not permit then don't run the car WOT. Just my .02..

Mike Banas