Quicker spool with a boost controller?


R.I.P. Lethal GN
May 26, 2001
I bought one of the boost controllers sold on this board last year. My car was down at the time and is still down. I just wanted an idea on how well my new turbo will spool with this controller. The turbo is a TE-63-1 and the convertor is close to stock. I'm not sure what the guy put in there because he said he got me one from a Vette rather than a stock GN one. I thought Vettes used 700 trannies but I wasn't sure. He said the Vette convertor would give a little more stall but I always thought they had less stall? I should have left the Orange stripe in but wasn't sure if it was damaged or not. Any ideas on how well the new turbo will spool, or ideas on what convertor he may have used? I will upgrade the convertor later on to match the turbo.