Quietest, stickiest street tire?


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Dec 29, 2003
:biggrin: The all year round is not necessary as I may get winter tires for the winter, if I'm not feeling cheap. I've all but decided to go with the 17s and I'm thinking about tires now.

My car is a daily driver and I'll most likely get a size that'll allow me to rotate at all 4 corners. What's the difference between the BF Goodrich KDW and KDWS andddddddddddd has anyone heard of these bad boys: Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 ? They seem to get hella good reviews at discounttiredirect.com. They're not intended for winter use, but that's all right... The focus here is comfort, handling, noise and stickiness


Please inject your .02! :biggrin:
I bought Sumitomo HTRZs for the price and was surprised at at well they hooked. You can actually boost up and hook. They're W rated and inexpensive. Check Tirerack.com
the Sumitomo's are some good, cheap tires. Only problem is everyone will be like. What the hell is a Sumitomo
Sounds good... how about ride quality, including but not limited to noise levels, comfort... etc?
noise wasnt too bad. tread wear was crazy good too. Grip was great, as was in the rain.
Snow... well it worked. You know how that goes. :-D
Go for it. you wont be sorry. Just dont go to mr.tire in rockville. they are theifs!
Sumitomo owns Dunlop btw. And they are a high qual. rubber manufacturer... they even make rubber for the medical feild.
Can't really go wrong for the price compared to the 200$/tire ones I cited in the original post. I'll give 'em a shot when time comes! This suspension project should be done before September with the latest date being Buick Day at Cecil in October, definitely want to make that event with the ride being where I want it to be. Thanks again!
I have a set of 245/50/16 GS-D3's on my Camaro.

Handling, braking, and acceleration grip are all excellent. Off-the-line traction leaves a little something to be desired (refer to my 60' times :mad:). On wet pavement, these tires are astonishing.

These tires will start to slide and squeal LONG before they let go completely. This is nice if you're just playing around, because it gives you a nice cushion to play with. However, if you're interested in driving right at the limit, I wouldn't recommend these tires. You can't tell when you're getting close at all.

There's lots of tire noise, too. I generally have the radio cranked, so I don't care, but if this sort of thing matters to you, look elsewhere.

When mine wear out, I'll be looking at Michelin Pilot Sport PS2s. I've heard they're quieter, much more precise near the limit, and grip just as well or better in all conditions. They're also more expensive, but it sounds like they're worth it.
I just put some riken raptors on my car and drove it in the rain last night for the first time at about 70mph and they handled real nice. Plus they where only 96 dollars each or something. I know that they are a lot stickier then the cooper cobras I had on before. Much harder to break them loose.