R134A Core charge

more info from the CARB site.

HFC Emission Reduction Measures for Mobile Air Conditioning

According to O'Rielly the core charge is not taxable ( I think it is) but cans with receipts must be returned within 90 days. Depending on how the program works the core charge can be raised or lowered. I predict raised. Due to the paperwork the mfgs are subject to expect the cost of a can to go up.

On their agenda is to substitute high GHG (green house gas) refrigerants with a low GHG refrigerant.
Another item that is on hold is after you pass your smog test your AC will then be checked. If empty or leaking it will have to be repaired before registration will be issued.
This AC can recycling program shows how tunnel visioned CARB and the EPA are.
I really wish CARB would have to list a email address for passing on the citizens thoughts, but then a dictatorship doesn't care what the people think.

They are worried about a few cc's of refrigerant and totally ignored the vehicle emissions and carbon footprint by the consumer making a 2nd trip to the retail store and the distributor picking up and returning the cans to their facility then trucking them to the mfgr. Save a penny by spending a dollar.
In the end...none of what we do in this state really amounts to anything anyway......Especially while China and India and other emerging economies pump pollution out to their hearts content.

And man made Global Warming is non existent.
It's a cash cow that the Government and some idiots (Al Gore and Maurice Strong among others) plan to ride to the bank.

The stupid global Warming conferences like the one just held in Cancun are nothing more than a group of cats looking to get fat by using the hysteria of the lemming masses who are too stupid to research things on their own, as a catalyst for creating a global Socialist system that bleeds the hard working folks bank accounts and rewards failure and corruption in third world countries where the cap and trade dollars will flow to...along with the tidy sums that will of course be directed into their own accounts....

Check this out for a reality check...
Look at the experiment these college students did at Cancun during the conference. People there are signing petitions to ban water without even knowing what they were signing for. They were also signing petitions to damage the US while knowing fully what the affect would be....or so they thought.
UN climate kooks want to cripple US economy and ban H2O | CFACT.TV

Before long they will be banning milk and oxygen too....too much of either of those all at once can kill you too...:rolleyes:

Want more...
Divine Aid for Climate Change
They actually prayed to a Mayan goddess at the beginning of the Cancun conference...these are the leaders of the world....gathering together and asking a Mayan goddess to bless their conference before looking for new and creative ways to tie you down and pick your pocket.
Your tax dollars folks...watch who you and what you vote for...
If the Mayan goddess was 6ft2 44DD 28 36 I'd pray to her too.:cool:

It's time for intelligent people to take over the media so the public can see how stupid our money controlled politicians and scientists act.

I heard about the H2O petition before - it was done on a major college campus LOL