racetronix double pumper help needed

turbo john FL

Dec 30, 2002
hey guys , first thanks for any help in advance .

i have a new dp set up from racetronix and lost most paper on the instal from waiting to get motor back in car

i need to know about the 3 wires that go toward back of altenator , one ground , power and alt and what everyone is using to tie into for the reference for the hobbs switch

does the ground wire go direct to back of alt , and does the powe wire go to the hotside output of alt ?? just want to be sure . im not the best with wiring although i got everything in ok with all the rear of the car and gas tank stuff
You got it. The power wire goes to the hot lead on the back of the alternator - it's the one held on by the nut.
I grounded mine to the back of the alternator also using the bolt and washers that RX supplied. I can shoot a pic of it when I get home from work here pretty soon.

I can't say for the hobbs - I haven't gotten to where I need a second pump yet. I figure when I do, I'll probably mount the switch on the DS fender well somewhere, and tie the vacuum line into the cruise control or charcoal canister?
Go to Racetronix's website & log into their support forums, that is how they provide the "instructions" to the DP install.

The Hobbs switch just needs a boost reference from the manifold, I used a vacuum capped hardline that was once used for the EGR I think?

Hope you plan to upgrade your return line! :)
Here's a pic of the back of the alt. Both new wires (red and blue) went to the hot post. The ground and fuse bracket went into a different hole in back of the alt. The hole is there and is threaded, but mine didn't have anything in it. The RX kit came with a bolt that fit in there.


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My hobbs connections are just laying on the ds fender well for now. I figure i'll mount the hobbs there and tie into the vac line from the cruise line or there's another that goes to the charcoal can.


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thanks guys , but about the return line upgrade that sakudog mentioned do i need to change the whole return line back to the tank ??
Depends. Which pumps did you get? The walbros or the aeromotive? If aeros, then it is likely you'll have to either upgrade the whole line or at least drill the saginaw fittings. If walbros, it is more likely you WON'T have to do anything to the return.
they are the dual walbros from racetronix , but now im curious , what are the saginaw fittings ??
The saginaw fittings are the main restrictions in the factory return line. There are two of them. Check out this thread for locations of those. From what I can recall, you can drill them out to a max of about 0.300" (~7.5mm or 9/32"). You can be extremely careful doing the drilling thing, or just upgrade the return to -6AN. One option is cheap and one option is not.

If you have the walbro 255lph pumps, I don't think you need to worry about doing it. It's only needed SOMETIMES on some of the high volume pumps (340lph & up) when somebody has trouble getting their idle pressure down to where it's supposed to be.