Racetronix fuel pump wiring kit


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Jan 10, 2007
I just recently bought this, but ended up not needing it. It's a brand new fuel pump wiring harness from Racetronix. It's the G77 harness that allows you to run the newer style Walbro fuel pump. $45 shipped in the lower 48. Paypal accepted please add 4%. Thanks.
Here's a pic


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Fuel pump kit...

If you'll accept $30 I'll take it! I noticed on the website, if you get the kit with a pump, it's only $10 more. I could be mistaken, but since it is more or less a frivolous purchase for me... No offense if you think I'm beeing too cheap...I am! For $30 I'll take it for a spare. Thanks either way, I got to fantasize for a few moments anyway. Thanks, John. In Florida 32025.:cool:
Sorry I'm not giving it away.

No it is not $10 more with the pump...the 2nd end comes with the pump when you buy from racetronix. The first end from the plug under the bumper to the top of the gas tank is an extra $35. You can buy the 2nd half for an extra $12 if you want to. Then once you get the shipping and such added you're spending upwards of $60.

I could easily just send this back for a refund but thought I'd at least be nice enough to let someone else have it for a little less than you'd pay for it from a vendor.
Fuel pump harness

You're right! I didn't realize what you were selling. I'll take it for the asking price. A good price I might add! thanks, John. Please send paypal information for immediate payment.:cool: