Racetronix Fuel rails???

Bringing this back. Did you have any leaks or issues since it's been running. There was a thread on Facebook about fitment issues with the fitting on the bottom of the regulator.
Hey! I did have issues but during installation.
I kept having leaks from the upper orings that go into the rail.The black injector o-rings that came with the injector seemed to fit loose.
I ended up finding some thicker ones from dorman that worked perfect.No issues afterwards.I did notice that the stock return line bottoms out a lot into the regulator port.
I had to crank it down a bit in order for it to stop leaking.
Alright good to know. I am replacing the stock lines with an and the 90 metric fitting under the regulator has clearance but the hose end is tight against the intake. I have a buddy with an end mill so I think we will take some material off the bottom of the regulator to allow it to raise up. I dont like the idea of the "fix" using their cheesy adapter plate or the banjo fitting, far to many sharp 90 degree turns.