rad and fan

Last year when the temp would get hot outside 85+ my regal would get hotter than i would like 210-220 in traffic.What would be the best radiator and fan to install to make it run cooler.170-185. Thanks:confused:
I recently installed a radiator from AZGN, (non aluminum). It dropped in perfectly and has the OEM trans and eng. oil cooler line ports. I also installed a dual fan system from GBody parts. My engine use to run at 210-215. Now it runs at 180. I could have probably used my original single fan, but since I had the dual fan system, I went ahead and installed it. Hope this info helps.
I have a griffin, took a little bending to get the rad hold down on but it fits. It doesnt have a oil or trans cooler. Temps are around 170-180 with stock fan. Stock rad size is 19x31 fyi.
I use a stock fan with a radiator from Nick Micale (AZGN) and a 160* stat and stays around 165 in summer.
New water pump...new F-Body rad...dual fans...160 thermostat...keeps things nice and cool. :smile: