Ran a new M3!!!


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May 26, 2001
Bringing my car upstate to my new garage and see this awesome colored car a little ways up. Getting a little closer and see some dual exhaust. Cool! New M3! Drop top! Looked awesome. Pass him pretty fast and sort of wait up a little. I guess he found the shifter or someting and now comes up hard. I wait a little too long and hit it, about 1/2 throttle. He has the momentum and passes about 2 cars max on me. I start to catch up, but I think that he didn't want to go that fast and he let up. Now I'm a little upset and wait for the precise opportunity. He gets next to me and I nod, he does too. This was from a ~55mph roll. We were neck and neck until we hit some unsafe speeds. Looked down at the scanmater and see that my TPS was 3.06. I was happy, until I had to brake:eek: :eek: . He had someone else in the car and I am pretty sure it was an auto. I was just happy I kept up at part throttle. Glad this happened on Valentines's Day because I really didn't get her (the car) anything.
Why didn't you give it full trottle to smoke his ass? :confused: :confused:

I would think that the point would be to give his rich-boy ass the smack down, Monte carlo style ;) .

Leave em' with the :eek: at every oportunitty.
I have a slight problem, when my car shifts gears, it forgets to tell the transmission:eek: . I also can't afford to blow anything up yet.
Originally posted by GNICETRY
when my car shifts gears, it forgets to tell the transmission.

Oh... Yeah... yeah.... that could be a problem. Lol

I'm telling you this from experience: If you can't afford to fix it, don't make it go fast. Believe me. My car is all most running the way I wan't it to run, but I don't know if I'm going to be able to keep it because It's costing me every penny I have.
These cars are money pitts!
Fix it!

I remember racing a Mustang on the freeway and it would not shift into drive from overdrive. Ya gotta shift it yerself. Our trans has a mechanical centrifugal thingy that tells it when to shift. Ask in the trans forum to get a better undertanding, but you have to do it yerself above about 90 or so. Oh well. Try it, as long as you have enough RPM, and I tell you it makes a BIG difference.
If you were at WOT, you need a new TPS. It is fairly cheap and easy to install. If you were just toying with him, cool. ERIC.:)