Random Misc Parts off my 87


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New, Lower Prices!

Parts off my 67k mile GN. I recently went to XFI so a lot of parts came off.

I'll use USPS for shipping and most of this stuff can get in a small or medium flat rate box... figure +$6 or +$13 for the ride. We'll figure out the best way to get it packaged and sent as cheaply as possible (like buying more than one thing at a time!).

Eight-Oh-Eight 372-3304 (my cell service stinks so PM me first on here. Feel free to call/ text but I may have to follow up when I'm in town with signal)

I'm now located in SW New Hampshire if meeting locally.

Turbo Tweak Chips - $20. You'll get more than that as TT trade-in credit if you need a custom chip burned!

v5.7 7810
50# E85
24`/22` and 21-24psi

Two Reducers (3 to ~3.5 inch)/ one coupler (3 inch) from old LS1 MAF and Translator setup. New $25 ea/ $13 ea from Full Throttle. Yours at $10 ea and $5.

Old school Garrett stage 2 turbo, stock wastegate and inlet bell. Probably needs freshening up. 58mm. Yours for $100.

Non-stay down plate bracket - $10

CHMSL brake assy guts - $15

Stock MAP - $10
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Paypal is LQQKY at hotmail dot com


Thank you!
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Scanmaster and FP gauge sold.

Squid4life- do you want just the FP regulator and 84gbodyss can get the vac line?
Updated availability post 1. Updated post 8 with the queue.

Let's try to get payments made so the "second in lines" know what's going on.