Razor... a ? about how your kit works.....


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May 2, 2002

I have probably run about 20 gal of Methanol through my alky kit I got from you.... :biggrin:

While coming home from work yesterday... I was accelerating out of a cloverleaf style entrance ramp into the interstate..... was giving enough gas for turbo to be boosting in the 10# range (alky cuts on around 5#??).... anyway... gas pedal was constant... load on engine was such that boost stayed around 10# for 3 - 5 seconds.... I noticed a pulsing during this time... where engine pulled cleanly...then ever so slightly not so cleanly... in about 1 second intervals...... I was wondering since this is a progressive kit.......if you "pulsed the pump" as well as varied the voltage to get the "progressive" alky flow?

With that said....if I can albeit ever-so-slightly feel this pulseing...... can I adjust something to make it totally transparent? (As you described to me it should be)...

PS I am not running the translator.. so no interferance from it..... just a stock MAF and a TT chip.
Biggest problem is we dont know what your actual air fuel is when the condition is occurring. More than likely the car will be a little rich, typically what is done is get the chip reburned so it delivers a little less fuel at part throttle. That is "if" the condition your seeing is not a mechanical one like compressor surging.

You can verify compressor surging by switching off the alky kit and seeing if the condition goes away..

This is the case where direct scan and a wide band become invaluable..

You can lean out the fuel pressure regulator a little and see if it cleans up.. in other words drop fuel pressure a tad. Then go into Eric's chip and add WOT fuel through programming. That may get the job done as well..

It will work silky smooth.. just need to work on tuning the fuel. Once you have the fueling, we'll work on the alky if needed.

On a semi related note..... I got my brother-in-laws LM-1 and hooked it up tonight and made a few full throttle blasts from about 30 mph to 100 mph.... and logged them..... for the most part... my AFR was around 10.8-11.3 during the entire blast.

How much ET difference would you estimate there is if you were running slightly fat at 10.8..... and you tweaked your way to 11.4?

oh.... on the post above.....I'll try and log when my car is doing this surging you speak of...... What would cause the turbo to surge?
Tweaking should be done at the track and see what your motor likes best. Our Buicks some will be faster at 11.0 than 11.4.. Some will be faster at 11.7-11.9.. see when you mix the alky with fuel, it can throw off the WB readings.. this is where you put the car on a track and get it figured out as to MPH pickup from 1/8 to 1/4. The more MPH it picks up.. the more power your making.

Leave it at 11.0.. that should be really safe.

The compressor surging comes from size of turbo, size of IC, size of plumbing, etc.. I'm no turbo expert.. but you can search the words and come up with a lot. On some cars.. its a you have to live with, guess its the price of changing from stock.
After geting those AFR numbers from the wideband, this might be a good time to get a new chip cut from Eric. The one I have I bought used... for my injectors... and alky.... I currently have the fuel cut back (in the chip) as far as it will go... and the fuel pressure dropped a few lbs...... so at this point.. the only way for me to lean it out anymore.... is to drop more fuel pressure.

What do you recommend Razor? ...... or Eric.... if you are following the thread?
We dont know if leaning out your air fuel will have a positive impact on the performance at the track. So Eric can make a chip thats a lot leaner, but that doesnt necessarily mean a positive outcome. I always try and have baseline performance numbers done before making decisions. Then back the numbers up and watch for an improvement.. without data.. tuning is ...

At least you know have an A/F number.

You can drop fuel pressure a little more, I dont like anything under 37 line off. Just for trial sake, but if the chip commands too much fuel.. then you need a reburn. Lord knows I've had +200 chips make their way through my ecm.

And Eric should be contacted for his recommendations on fuel pressure/settings. As he would know his chip better than anyone.