Razor's Kit Power injection bulb?

Sep 2, 2007
Just working on wiring in my alky kit. I am wondering if the Power injection bulb is needed? It sounds as if the turn on Led does the same thing when it changes from red to green. I am mounting the led in a visual location so if they do the same thing, I could cut out some excess wiring.

Thanks Brandon.
Yes you are correct. You could choose not to add it. I kind of like it but It is redundant.
the bulb was an early thing allowed you to illiminate the power injection lens in the stock analog GN dash
it glows brighter as the pump runs faster , something the LED didnt do
, the tta version doesnt use one
Yupp.. the GN kit is the only that comes with the bulb. Some owners like how it illuminates behind the PI bezel. It also shows how the system is progressive and lights brighter with an increase in boost.

Call it a gizmo ;)