Re-installed Trans not working


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Mar 5, 2007
So, I have had my engine and trans out of my car since March 2014. The PM failed in June 2013 and I also had a worn out steering box. I pulled the engine/trans to clean up the 25+ years of grease/dirt and grime and to paint the engine and trans.
Engine and trans were installed back in the car earlier this year. Got the car back up and running a few weeks ago. Planned on getting her back on the road before the Wisconsin winter hits.
Unfortunately, after getting the engine running and not having issues after doing the Oil pump mods. The trans does not engage or make any sounds like it is trying to.
I pulled the trans back out two weeks ago to re-install the converter. Not sure if the converter was completely in, but I am certain it is fully engaged now. This past weekend went to work on car and see if it would do anything when put into gear. Not a thing....

Here are the things that I've done:

1. Had to replace the shift linkage after the factory one pulled apart when re-installing in 2016.
2. Confirmed that in Neutral, wheels and driveshaft move without resistance (CHECK)
3. Trans Fluid is running out of upper trans cooler fitting.
4. Linkage moves freely under the car.

I need some advice! I've talked with J.D. Brooks whom built my trans, but before I go and buy a new front pump I want to know what I can do to avoid spending that much money.
Pressure gauge in the port above the shift linkage will tell you if the pump is healthy or if it got damaged. Assuming it has fluid and the filter is on it properly.
Check the crank thrust too (end play). If it's worn bad the converter will fit but the pump won't be turning.
I should also add.... transmission worked perfectly before the car was pulled apart in 2014.
INEEDAGN, what type of pressure gauge do I need?