Re-wrapping steering wheel


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Can anyone provide me with info or advice on where to get a steering wheel re-wrapped? I'm in the Albany, NY area.

WilliamsGN is right on the money. That's where I got mine from also years ago. The workmanship is absolutely stunning. To me, worth every darn dime. You'll need to send in a core wheel.

Now after four years my steering wheel still looks brand new!!! Even after sitting up on jackstands all that time!!! Brand new.

But really, these rewrapped wheels by that lady is just top notch. You will NOT be disappointed with it.

Did I see '69 Vette in your screename? Do you have one? Because I DO and they are fabulous!! Loud, fast, obnoxious!!!! Side pipes are just the cat's meow!!! Just love seeing the word "69 Vette". Just quickens my blood!!!!

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I had mine done on the EBay site also. $195 with core swap. Very nice looking job.


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