Really Quiet in here?


I was just thinking the same thing:D ;) maybe everyone is still sleeping:eek: :p ;) strange, maybe everyone is trying to dry up from all the rain we had:D

I'm here:cool:
man, look at all of us who were just waiting for a new post :D

So when's the next track night?
Working on the trans tomorrow......

Where's my pinned governor You Donkey?!? :D;)

Finally everyone one woke up:D ;) :D ;) sounds like a plan to me, so guys whens the next get together:)
haha, I figured that would get a rise out of everyone:D

yeah, when and where is the next starbucks meeting?

While on the topic of Starbucks, I recieved a giftcard from my sister, which I cannot use in Hawaii....

I'm waiting for a reply from coffee partners hawaii as to why they wont accept the cards here.
I'm here too. And now that the car is running again (quite well too, knock on wood), I'm looking for a get together somewhere.

Oh, and also looking for a good place to get an inspection sticker again. That time of the year AGAIN. Damn I've put about 200 miles on the car since the last inspection. Rob, what's the name of the place we went last time??


you realize I cant post that here...

since gerald is offering, I think he is closer for you.

if not, let me know.