Rear brake question


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Jul 24, 2001
I just put new soft shoes on the rear of the GN, the ones from Kirbans that have the large shoe on both sides. Anyway, I adjusted them all the way in, and the passenger side is fine, but the drivers side still has a little drag and its tightened all the way. The drums are in excellent condition, so I didn't turn them. I put the wheels back on and with the car in neutral on the jack stands I can manually turn the wheels pretty easy, and they turn about 1/4 turn when I let go. Is this going to be OK? I haven't driven it yet, gotta finish some other stuff.
You should have them adjusted so there is a little drag on them...with a little drag, when you drive the car it will surface and shape the pads to the drum. If the one wheel has NO drag, I'd put just a little on it (try to match them).

Right now, It sounds like yo have one wheel that is fine and one to loose...
I'd be a little more concerned as to why you have to turn the adjuster ALL the way in. Are the shoes really thick or some thing?
I don't know if they are really thick, they don't look much thicker than the old ones. I'm 99% sure they are in correctly. These are supposed to automatically adjust, aren't they? I figure they will "wear in", just don't wanna fry 'em from too much friction. These are the longer ones, so all 4 are the same size.