Rear brakes


It's my Granny's car!
Nov 13, 2001
I am fixing to do a brake job on the rear. I could not find the adjustment slot. There is 2 there but neither is open. Do you have to knock the plug out and which one? I didn't see a fitting to bleed it either. I have a set of speed bleeders to go in there but I didn't see the old one.
I have done drum brakes before and have the tools. These have never been done that why the adj slots are plugged? The bleed fitting is at the top close to the brake line right?
Knock out the rearmost slot cover for the adjuster access, I like to put the rubber plugs available from parts stores in there when done. You'll know why after you drive thru a rain puddle.
Yes the bleeder screws are just above the brake metal line, recessed. If you haven't before dealt with the springs (not bolts) that hold the wheel cylinders in place, then you're in for a treat, disregard if not replacing. The rest is regular drum brake stuff. Have fun.
Doug if you still haven't done them brakes holler at me this week. I am off all week so we can do them up at the shop and try them drag rims on at the same time to be sure they will fit ok. Daniel Ray :cool:

I gotta see what my schedule looks like. I'm off tue/wed but may work OT wed so I can be off fri w/out taking vacation. If I work wed I'm just gonna take it to Barfields and let them do it. I'll find out tonite if I get to work wed.
Gotta turn my drums anyway. Still gotta change the broke shift cable :mad: