Rear discs and factory combo valve ???'s

disco stu

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Apr 10, 2002
I am putting rear discs on the car and was wondering how to remove the preset residual pressure valve and limiter in the combination valve for rear drums.
hey--i have the wilwood stuff to put on the back of my car. i took the drum set off this car and peice together to get that stuff we talked about on my kids car. so with installing the dics on my car. i read you just tee into the brake lines and by pass the valve altogether or i have read about taking the guts out of the valve. eather way i think you need to get an aftermarket(wilwood?) proporsioning valve for the rear brakes. i would like to know more about this. i wont finsh mine till after the first of the year.
By pass the POS factory valve all together. Its the best thing i did to my car. I T'd off the fronts and straight to the rear with an adjustable valve. I have aerospace rear disks on mine with factory fronts.
So you are running front and rear brakes off the primary circuit? :confused:

Ya got some pics maybe?
The Powermaster was hooked up just like factory. Front to fronts and backs to backs. I just eliminated the combo valve at the frame rail. I needed 2 metric adapters for the stock lines and a plain old brass T for the fronts.

Same thing for the back brakes with one port in the T plugged. This line has a SSbrakes adjustable prop-valve.

maybe this will help: :)


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disco stu said:

Without knowing what the matching M/C (or application) is, it'd only be guessing that you'd get what you want.

Contrary to what he says, the *metering* valve is on the rear brakes.

The metering block in disc/drum is slightly delay the pressure to the rear brakes, in a drum application the drums have a self energizing effect, and if they were feed *straight pressure* they'd lock up first, which is very unstable. That's also part of the reason for 1/4" line to the rears, it allows for a slight cushioning of the rear brake application.