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Razor if your reading maybe you can give me a hand here. The light on my alky kit is always green never red. Alky works fine with no problems. But i remember calling you on a tuning issue and mentioning it and you said to check the ground wire at the pump. I did this and i got nothing. The only time it worked was when i first put the kit on and it worked for that day. While the car is down for the winter and i finally have some time i figured i would mess with it along with other things on my to do list. Unless I stick with the the ol If it aint broke dont fix it, cause alky seems to work fine. Also since the car sat for this winter should i do anything special to assure the kit is working ok, or just push the test button and see if she sputters.

There is a wire coming off the pressure switch on the head of the pump that goes to chassis ground. If that wire is grounded, then your problem is wiring under the dash. The "bare" wire in the pump cable is the path for this ground from the pump. Typically that goes to the "o" terminal on older controllers or the "white" cable on the newer style.

If your grounds are correct at the pump, jump a wire from chassis ground to the "o" terminal and seeif the LED goes red when you hit test. If it does, you dont have proper ground at the pump or connector problem.

One more thing, if one of the spade terminals popped of the pump pressure switch, that could also cuase this condition. If you require further, call me as fixing cars over keyboards is difficult.

test button test is fine.. just fix your connection issue.
Got it figured out. Thought the ground at the pump was good till i hooked up a jumper and realized it wasn't. Grounded at a new location and all is good.

Thanks Razor

BTW was this glitching up the system at all?