Redo my 87 turbo T wheels

Who can I semd them to to make them look new again. Want to put new tires on for this spring. Can anyone help me as to what size for front and rear. Plus I have an extra set of rims I would like to put drag radials on. Stock car now but want to put bigger turbo, intercooler, injectors in. Have hot wire kit, adjustable fuel pressure reg and waste gate but also need 3" down pipe. Have Atr 2.5" duals and tranny done with 9" lockup. Help would be great as I have been playing with my Gs Stage1 cars for 10 years so im out of the loop.


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Had a set of Vectors done by Detroit Vintage Wheels 15x7 fronts & 15x8 rears. Powdercoated & machined. his work did not include the push-thru caps.