removing/Cleaning SS Exhaust


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Nov 19, 2002

I got a hold of an ATR Single Shot and someone had painted the end peice of it black. I want to restore it to the natural SS what should I use?
I replaced my mufflers on my ATR SS 2.5" duals a few weeks ago. Cleaned the joints with fine sandpaper...was very impressed with how little effort it took to get them looking perfect after being together for 7 years. I wasn't worried about the look of the finish since I was only cleaning away gunk from the muffler/exhaust pipe joint. Yet it looked great...think I used a 220 grit sandpaper.

Later, used the same paper to clean up the last 10" of the exhaust tips....light pressure followed by some emory cloth and they looked new.

Removing paint will clog the paper pretty quick but a few sheets and you should be OK.

You could test sand the exhaust pipe in a non-visible location.

Good luck, Bob
when i polished my dp i used 320 on a da to sand out any scratches marks or any thing else on it. was pretty easy to get it to that point. depends on how bright and shiny you want to be on what you would use after that.
a scotch brite pad and some lacquer thinner should get rid of that paint in no time with very little effort (difficulty depends upon the type of paint used). we do this kind of stuff all of the time at work (tube fabrication shop) and our prefered method ALWAYS includes lacquer thinner. when you get done with the tailpipe wipe down the rest of the system, you'll be amazed at how nice it'll turn out. i've got an old atr dual system that looked like crap due to years behind a rear main leak. in a matter of an hour you can have it looking like new. i used the maroon colored pads (medium grit??) that are available in just about every home depot/lowes/...... in the paint department. good luck, aaron