Replacemtn seat Covers?

Steve Evans

Trying to Cope
Any word on replacement (leather) seat covers for the TTA? I believe that Jax is working on something, but don't know of anyone else. I'm looking for quality reproductions
hmmmm there was a thread on www.TTA about the covers a while ago....nuthin was ever done as far as the list went... I think all the tan cows have died off :D
Seat covers

Jax has made two sets, and they are both already sold. I think they plan on making a couple more sets by November, and I believe they are about $750/set. They do need to be professionally installed. I'd love to see them make more, but it doesn't look like they think there is a great need for the covers.

Ken TTA#1426
guy dont any of you have auto shops around ya ????? I have 3 places locally that can do them...I am sure there not the only places in the country :D ....I was quoted 800-1000....tan cows arn't that rare eithier