Repro GNX dash emblems?

I don't think so.There was an extra dash # made for each GNX and somehow some of the extras got sold people who don't own the GNXs that those #s go to.There's been a few of those #s on Ebay lately.I bought a complete dash plaque with #393.The story I got was GNX#393 was wrecked and parted out.So I don't have someone elses #.Whoever owned GNX#393 gave up the # when he sold the car to the boneyard.
About 9 yrs. ago Kirbans had a whole extra set of the GNX dash numbers that he sold. I remember buying one, got it laying around here some where? I thought he said that an extra set was made up by GM and he got them some how?
Tarey D.