Reproduction upper armrest trim


Jun 24, 2004

I've always wanted to create an awesome car product, and I've finally done it. You know those arm rest trim pieces that are broken on 99% of thirdgens? Well, I've recreated them in ABS plastic.

Straight off the 3D printer - $15 shipped / set
Sanded, primed, and color matched - $35 shipped / set

I am sanding them down with 100# and 220# to remove the 3D printing texture, then priming/sanding twice. Finishing them off with 3 coats of Camel interior paint.

I have these in stock and ready to ship out if you are wanting a set!
Thanks for getting this done 89mulletbird. I'll take a set of the unpainted. I'll send you an email if that's ok.
I ordered a set and put them on this week. Very happy with them, much, much stronger than the originals!

The pair arrived and just wish to confirm to others that they are outstanding. The plastic is better quality than the originals (even when they were new). I did not get mine painted as I plan to repaint (or redye) the whole interior this coming winter when I reupholster the seats. I have about 8 different shades of "beechwood" at this point and hope to have one shade when I am done. If you need this trim this is the way to go. Thanks for offering this to others.

bump to the top, please email me if you want to get a pair. I can't keep track of who I missed on this thread!