Results from GN/GS, SY/TY, TTA Shootout


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May 25, 2001
In the Quick 8 - $1000.00 to win:
Winner: Paul Rocco - Randelman NC
R/U: Turk Bates - State Road NC

In the gamblers race:
Winner: Greg Oneil - Claremont NC
R/U: Billy Flantos - Davidson NC

In the Quickest/Fastest SY-TY:
Les Young - PA

Rich Kibler was able to run a blistering 5.08@142mph to excite the crowd. Pat Musi was down from jersey making time runs.

I would personally like to say thank you to all the sponsors and to eveyone who came out in support of this race. I believe that we had tremendous turnout for both the TR group as well as the SY/TY group. Please check for further details on a possible upcoming race for the 04 season.
Thanks again and hope to see everyone in 2004.

Clint Atkins
Congrats to the R/U, in the quick 8, Turk Bates.. I was shocked to see that car in the finals myself. Hats off to ya Turk!

Mike Banas
I want to thank the track owners for a GREAT day. The weather was fabulous! I made my very first timed runs ever and I am but 55 years young. My 23 year old son and I had a blast! As Arnold says, "I will be BACK!".
Conrad and Adam Carter
Albemarle, NC

ps....the track has a cruise-in 2nd Monday of each month. Admission is free and you can make all the timed runs you want! Starts at 5:00pm.
the cruise-in will not start until march or april. Cost may be $1 per person. look at the web for more details
Great turn out, awesome event good job clint and NCTURBOS.
Thanks for the gas Richie it saved A2S.
Could not ask for a better weather.
Thanks Pat for the trailer and mommy Cheryl for the grub.


Great event! I really enjoyed seeing how well all the cars were running. The track was great, and even though the 72 bogged first round and kicked me out of the gamblers race, it ran the first 7 second run of it's life yesterday. Found out a little later it likes that little hit of nitrous too. :D

Congrats to all the class winners!
For it being the first year we've run race classes and a car show at this event I think it turned out pretty well. Of course, there are some more details that will need to be ironed out before next year, but hind sight is always 20/20.

Most of all thanks to all the sponsors!! Without them none of it would have happened!!

Awesome event--i was really impressed with the turnout.Next year i hope to participate in several events--this one being the first on my list:) Think is possible to stay together the whole year??:confused: :confused: :confused: ---me either:D :D

Sully---not sure what happened after i left----but your car was sure impressive all day while i was there--it was obvious your car was the fastest TR there that conformed to the rules----nice job!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for putting on the event and thanks to the sponsors!!!!!

Originally posted by aperrego
any pix as of yet?

I would like to see some posted.

I have some video, but won't think twice about ripping it on this box. My main comp died and I haven't bought what I need to get it running again.
Originally posted by V6 Beast
Hey Geoff....... where's my video??


I responded to your e-mail---you must not of got it.I had some MAJOR computer issues directly after this event.I lost ALOT of data----this video being one of them


I actually had so many problems--i just went and bought a laptop to use while i get the other fixed(if possible).Real sorry about the video--it was actually very cool.I will get the same position at the next event for you.

O'well---sorry again